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you can do it...
“If I can do it, so can you.” That’s what I’ve been preaching to friends and colleagues since I started this terrain. Late nights, early mornings and sacrificed weekends is what it takes, but the rewards offset the inconveniences. So many of these crazy talented folks are dissatisfied with their professional lives so I wrote The Manifesto to be that annoying “you can do it” voice in the background. The Manifesto also gets a bit preachy about the sacrifice of the arts in our schools, because as a father of little ones I want them to master their A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s AND their Red-Green-Blues and E-A-D-G-B-Es. This page also features links to right brain propaganda and right-brainers I revere. The links will continue to evolve indefinitely so check back periodically.

right brain warriors and propaganda
Creativity 101
Sir Ken Robinson +
Tim Brown +
Isaac Mizrahi +
6 Creativity Myths +
Creativity Presentations +
Larry Lessig +
Chats about creativity +
The Creative Process +
Creativity @ google +
Robert I. Sutton +
Rule the world +
Classroom Creativity +
Elizabeth Gilbert +
Amy Tan +
TED on the arts +
29 Ways to stay creative +

RIGHT BRAINers who create(d) stuff we enjoy
The Heads of State +
Wayne White +
Shepard Fairey +
Ze Frank +
Banksy +
L2 Design Collective +
Cliff Spencer +
Scott Hansen +
Jay Ryan +
Gene Wilder +
Steve Jobs
Red Nose Studio +
Frank Gehry +
Miguel Herranz +
Coldplay +
dooce +
Gary Larson +
Rodrigo y Gabriela +
Interpol +
Al Pacino +
David Carson +
Mr. Rogers +
Radiohead +
Jim Henson +
Philippe Starck +
Leonetto Cappiello +
My Grandfathers +
Ole Kirk Christiansen +
John Vogl +
Robert J. Lang +
Walt Disney +
Marc Newson +
Frank Chimero +


VH1 Save the Music +
Americans for the Arts +
30 Conversations on Design +